MESSAGE by Dr. Henry Harbuck
The Secret of Winning


As we study the Word of God and do the work of the Kingdom, it is important to feel a sense of accomplishment and understanding. The Holy Spirit will help us; however, we must apply ourselves and be faithful if we are to reach the goal and complete our mission. Paul writes, "Run in such a way that you may win." The Isthmian Games, to which Paul referred, were open to everyone. Of course the object of running the race was to win! We all know it is not just a matter of putting on the right shoes or outfit and enjoying the scenery; it is preparation and perseverance that makes a winner.


So, what is the secret of winning? First of all, everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things (I Co 9:25).    Athletes, who run to win, exercise restraint of their emotions and desires. Second, they watch their diet, get plenty of rest and train their bodies in a certain way. Paul says those who ran in the Isthmian Games did so to win "a perishable wreath." Actually, the victors were treated like royalty. Many times their debts were cancelled and they were allowed to live tax free the rest of their lives, as well as many more benefits.


Paul goes on to point out, as valuable as the leafy crown was, it can't compare to the eternal rewards that await those who are in Christ. So we must run our race with eternity in view, remember we are on the winning side! When we reach the end of our race there is a crown laid up for us. This crown will never perish! ♥♥♥




from the author - Dr. Henry Harbuck

 "Harbuck's Commentary

on Matthew"


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