Dr. Henry Harbuck, as co-founder and President of ECUA, is a great inspiration to all our students and faculty worldwide. We appreciate his dedication to the work of God. He represents the vision and purpose of this university and is a man of integrity and Christian character.

Dear Dr. Harbuck. Thank you for being such a man of God that you would deliver such messages that you do.

I just finished reading your latest article. You encourage me, you challenge me and you bless me. Thank you for loving our God enough and we His people to speak as you do.You and I are a lot alike in that you aren't afraid, intimidated nor fearful of telling the truth as it is written. I thank my God for men such as you are that are willing and desirous to lay it out plain and simple. I'm proud to call you my overseer and I love you because you love us enough to give us the Word just as it is. Thank you for being a man of God who is willing to stand firm and not waver in such trying times.

One of like precious faith, Serving Him for the cause.
Jack Ernest 

Dear Dr. Harbuck

I'm so glad to hear about your progress with your magnum opus. The book of John is certainly the theological book among the four. May the Lord continue to provide you with all the insights, inspiration and grace that you need to complete the Bible. A work of great value does not come so easily.  It is always costly and demanding. We are praying for you for this massive project that you are doing.
Jerry Pecsoy

Jerry and I thank you, Dr. Harbuck, for all that you, Jan and AEGA does to help make our ministry possible.  We thank God for you!!! 
 As we plan to forge ahead by the Power of the Holy Spirit we are laying hold of your saying that "The Kingdom of God is not in Recession."

Last year we saw more growth than any other year in the past here in Cambodia.  We are attaching the growth chart for the last three years.  When adding all those ministered to in house churches, village Bible clubs and 70% of those attending Sunday Worship Centers, praise God it is well over 100,000 on a weekly basis!  We stand in awe over what God is doing.
We thank AEGA for believing in us when all mission agencies denied us to become missionaries because of our age.  Because of your faithfulness in making 501 (c) 3 available to those called we went.  So really you can count all this fruit to your account as well.
We are eternally grateful as well as the tens upon tens of thousands who will be in the presence of the Lord when it is all said and done.
Love you all, IN HIM
Jerry & Wilma Mishler
Missionaries to Cambodia
On the Frontline Ministries, Inc./California


Dear Dr. Harbuck,

Thank you  for helping make my dreams come true in my ministry. Your advice is priceless, your prayer's are powerful, your ministry is vital for these days. Thank you for your service to the Lord and for your calling to equip the saint's of God. We Love you!

Pastor Silver Moreno

Dear precious brother Harbuck,

I just want to share that I had appreciated your warm conversation last time in Lakeland at the AEGA Ministers Fellowship Meeting. I am reading your Commentary on Matthew. You know that this should be very good study material for Jail and Prisons?

Preparing the soon-coming of the Messiah, Remember!!! HE IS COMING SOONER THAN WE CAN EXPECT!

Paul van Beek
God's Outreach Ministry Int. Inc.

Dear Dr. Harbuck,

It's really a blessing to know about the work the Lord has so impressed in your heart. The Lord is doing marvelous things through your exemplary leadership. Praise the Lord for His passion on His church, empowering leaders and workers to work dedicatedly and faithfully because His grace is still His grace to all humanity throughout all ages.

God is always faithful and I for one am so grateful being given the opportunity to serve as one of His vessels for His divine purpose. Our roles may vary and conditions may differ yet as rivers and streams of the same goal, we all stream through to be blessed by its course and bring blessing along its path. My ministerial license reminds me not only of my identity with AEGA but a reassuring challenge of applying its worth for a certain cause.

 God bless you and your family. God bless the leadership of AEGA Ministries.

 In his favor,

Rae Narvadez—Philippines