The Great RIPOFF!

THE GREAT RIPOFF...Do you think you've gotten the bad end of this Christian satan trying to rip you off?To assume that the Christian lifestyle doesn’t involve suffering is a mistake. The Bible says in Romans 5, verse 3 that “we can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they are good for us – they help us learn to endure” (NLT- quotation marks are mine). Think about this! As followers of Christ, we should actually grow stronger spiritually when we face problems and trials; i.e., when we suffer. I agree that it’s not a lot of fun, but God’s ultimate plan is to help us grow through suffering. Therefore, we must remember that when we endure suffering (trials), we are not alone. The Lord is with us. So, let’s remember what the psalmist said, “God is our refuge and strength, [He’s] always ready to help [you] in times of trouble.” (NLT-Psalms. 46:1 Quotations marks are mine)