In a World of Unrelenting Changes - God Provides Stability

A Living and Future Hope


“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (NASB - I Peter 1:3)



Living in a world that is rapidly changing is not easy. We pray and hope for a good outcome in 2012 for ourselves and our country, yet it is difficult to be positive when unemployment is soaring and our national debt is now nearly 16 trillion. Families are on the brink of disaster, suicide is at an all time high, and people are crying out, “Where is God when we need Him?” Things are so bad that it would be easy to “curse God and die” as Job was instructed by his wife (Job 2:9) when things seemed hopeless. But certainly that is not a solution for us as believers in Christ; and  we do have a  steadfast hope (I Pet. 1:3).


Some believers today are saying: “I’m just burned-out.” Some are focusing on what they don’t have, and ignoring what they do have. I am often amazed  how my dear wife, Jan, functions under such tremendous responsibility and stress. Most of the time she handles it well, and I consider her a professional juggler. Even as I write this article, she hurriedly left our home only moments ago to take care of a computer problem at the AEGA Headquarters. She seems to have a knack for fixing things. But she also must balance life at home, the office, the church, and caring for her precious 90 year old mother. An amazing woman, she works 24/7! Only through God’s power, which energizes her, is this possible. 


It was Jan who created a unique bumper-sticker two years ago that is now seen on many AEGA vehicles — “The Kingdom of God is not in Recession.” How true this is. Rather than focusing on saying to ourselves, “I’m stressed-out … I’m frustrated … I’m tired … I’m giving-up … or I’m going to panic,”  … why not say something positive to ourselves? In psychology this is called “self-talk.” In addition to talking to God,  Christians also carry on internal conversations. Talking to yourself doesn’t mean you are crazy because everyone carries on this internal conversation in their minds everyday. In fact, research has proved that more conversation flows through the mind than flows out of the mouth. However, rather than entertaining negative “self-talk,” wouldn’t it better to say “God is in control … God will empower me to overcome every obstacle … God wants me to press on … God doesn’t want me to give-up?” And if you are worried about finances, just add to this what Jan said … “The Kingdom of God is not in Recession.” Amen!


Yes, life can be hard; and it is harder for some at this point in time than for others.  But, as believers, we must put our hope and trust in Christ to take control over our circumstances. Scripture does NOT promise us an easy life because we follow Christ; in fact, some of our wounds may not be corrected during our lifetime. But God has something good in store for His children. So put a smile on your face and rejoice because your present condition is only temporary. If you have that living hope in Christ, you can deal with your present condition. Just remember that the Lord has something great in store for you which lies ahead … and HE is our stabilizer.